How To Watch Barbarian: A Guide For Fans Of Historical Dramas

Welcome to the ultimate guide on watch Barbarian, the thrilling historical drama series that has taken the world by storm. Set in the 9th century, this action-packed show follows the journey of a young warrior seeking revenge for the massacre of his village by a ruthless army. With its captivating storyline, breathtaking visuals, and powerful performances, Barbarian has become a must-watch for fans of the genre. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to start watching and enjoying this epic series.

Table of Contents

  1. Streaming Platforms
  2. Plot Synopsis
  3. Cast and Characters
  4. Production Values
  5. Critical Acclaim
  6. Fan Reactions
  7. Related Shows

Streaming Platforms

Barbarian is available for streaming on several popular platforms. The easiest way to watch the show is through streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. These platforms offer a wide range of subscription options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your budget and viewing preferences. Simply search for Barbarian on the platform of your choice, and you'll be able to start watching the show instantly.

Plot Synopsis

Barbarian takes place in the tumultuous times of the 9th century, when warlords and conquerors ruled the land. The story revolves around a young warrior named Arminius, who witnesses the brutal massacre of his village by a merciless army. Determined to avenge the death of his loved ones, Arminius embarks on a perilous journey to seek justice.

As Arminius travels through treacherous landscapes and encounters dangerous enemies, he must rely on his wit, courage, and fighting skills to survive. Along the way, he forms alliances with other warriors and faces numerous challenges that test his resolve. The show explores themes of loyalty, honor, and sacrifice, making it a gripping and emotionally charged viewing experience.

Cast and Characters

Barbarian features a talented ensemble cast that brings the characters to life with their exceptional performances. The lead role of Arminius is played by the charismatic actor, Alexander Dreymon. His portrayal of the determined and conflicted warrior has earned him praise from both critics and fans alike.

Other notable cast members include David Dawson as the ruthless warlord, Varus, and Emily Cox as Thusnelda, a fierce warrior and love interest of Arminius. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, adding depth and complexity to the relationships portrayed on screen.

Production Values

One of the standout aspects of Barbarian is its high production values. The show boasts stunning cinematography, with breathtaking landscapes and meticulously designed sets that transport viewers back in time. The attention to detail is evident in the costumes, weapons, and props, which further enhance the authenticity of the series.

The action sequences in Barbarian are intense and well-choreographed, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The combination of practical effects and visual effects creates a visceral experience that adds to the overall excitement of the show. The musical score, composed by Hauschka, perfectly complements the visuals and heightens the emotional impact of key moments.

Critical Acclaim

Barbarian has received widespread critical acclaim for its compelling storytelling and impressive production values. Critics have praised the show for its attention to historical accuracy and its ability to bring the past to life. The performances of the cast have also been highly acclaimed, with many noting the chemistry between the actors as a standout aspect of the series.

The writing of Barbarian has been commended for its intricate plotting and well-developed characters. The show manages to balance intense action sequences with moments of emotional depth, creating a well-rounded viewing experience. Many critics have compared Barbarian to other successful historical dramas like Vikings and Game of Thrones, citing its similar epic scope and engaging narrative.

Fan Reactions

Fans of Barbarian have been enthusiastic in their praise for the show. The series has gained a dedicated fanbase who appreciate its engaging storyline, strong performances, and stunning visuals. Social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions and theories about the characters and plot twists, further adding to the excitement surrounding the show.

Viewers have also expressed their admiration for the historical accuracy of Barbarian, noting the attention to detail in recreating the costumes, weapons, and culture of the time period. Many have commented on the addictive nature of the series, with its cliffhanger endings and unpredictable plot twists keeping them eagerly awaiting the next episode.

If you're a fan of historical dramas like Barbarian, there are several other shows that you might enjoy:


Vikings is a critically acclaimed historical drama that explores the adventures of legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok. The show features epic battles, complex characters, and intricate political maneuverings, making it a must-watch for fans of Barbarian.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama series that captivated audiences with its intricate plotting, complex characters, and epic battles. While it is set in a different time period, the show shares many similarities with Barbarian in terms of its scope and storytelling.


Frontier is a historical drama series that follows the chaotic and violent struggle for control of the fur trade in North America during the late 18th century. With its gritty realism and compelling characters, it offers a similar viewing experience to Barbarian.

In conclusion, Barbarian is a must-watch series for fans of historical dramas. With its captivating storyline, exceptional performances, and impressive production values, it offers a thrilling and immersive viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of action-packed battles or intricate character-driven stories, Barbarian has something to offer. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be transported to a world of warriors, warlords, and epic quests.

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