Where To Download Law Books For Free

If you are a law student or a legal professional, having access to a wide range of law books is essential for your studies and research. However, law books can be quite expensive, making it difficult for many individuals to afford them. Luckily, there are several websites and platforms you can download law books for free. In this article, we will explore some of the best platforms for downloading law books and discuss their features and advantages.

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a popular platform that offers over 60,000 free eBooks, including a vast collection of law books. The website provides access to books that are in the public domain, meaning they are no longer protected by copyright and can be freely distributed. Project Gutenberg offers law books on various topics, such as constitutional law, criminal law, international law, and more.

One of the advantages of using Project Gutenberg is the availability of books in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, and Kindle. This allows you to choose the format that is most convenient for you. Additionally, the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to find and download the law books you need.

Platform: Project Gutenberg

Title Special Features Link
Project Gutenberg Over 60,000 free eBooks, multiple formats https://www.gutenberg.org/

2. Free-eBooks.net

Free-eBooks.net is another excellent platform for downloading law books for free. The website offers a vast collection of eBooks in various genres, including law. You can find law books on topics such as business law, intellectual property law, family law, and more. The platform allows you to search for books by category, making it easy to find the specific law books you need.

Free-eBooks.net provides books in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. This ensures compatibility with different devices and e-readers, allowing you to read the law books on your preferred platform. The website also has a user-friendly interface and offers a hassle-free downloading experience.

Platform: Free-eBooks.net

Title Special Features Link
Free-eBooks.net Vast collection of law books, multiple formats https://www.free-ebooks.net/

3. Google Books

Google Books is a popular platform that allows you to search and download books from various publishers and authors. While not all books on Google Books are free, there is a significant collection of law books that can be downloaded at no cost. You can search for law books using keywords or specific titles and authors.

One of the advantages of using Google Books is the ability to preview the content before downloading. This allows you to assess whether the book is relevant to your needs before committing to a full download. Google Books also offers different reading options, including online reading and downloading in PDF or EPUB formats.

Platform: Google Books

Title Special Features Link
Google Books Wide range of law books, preview option https://books.google.com/

4. Open Library

Open Library is an online project that aims to create a web page for every book ever published. The platform offers a vast collection of law books that can be borrowed and downloaded for free. Open Library works with libraries around the world to provide access to their digital collections.

One of the unique features of Open Library is the ability to borrow eBooks for a limited period. This allows you to read the law books you need without the hassle of downloading and storing them permanently. The platform also offers various formats, including PDF, EPUB, and Daisy, ensuring compatibility with different devices.

Platform: Open Library

Title Special Features Link
Open Library Borrow law books, multiple formats https://openlibrary.org/

5. Bookboon

Bookboon is a platform that offers free eBooks and textbooks in various disciplines, including law. The website provides a wide range of law books that cover topics such as contract law, employment law, criminal law, and more. Bookboon's law books are written by experts in the field, ensuring high-quality content.

One of the advantages of using Bookboon is the availability of both free and premium books. While the premium books require a subscription or purchase, the platform offers a significant number of free law books that can be downloaded without any cost. The platform also allows you to choose the format of the book, making it compatible with different devices.

Platform: Bookboon

Title Special Features Link
Bookboon Free law books, high-quality content https://bookboon.com/


Having access to law books is crucial for law students and legal professionals. However, purchasing law books can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several platforms where you can download law books for free. Websites such as Project Gutenberg, Free-eBooks.net, Google Books, Open Library, and Bookboon offer a wide range of law books in various formats, allowing you to choose the most convenient option for your needs.

Whether you are studying constitutional law, criminal law, or international law, these platforms provide access to the resources you require. Take advantage of these platforms to enhance your studies and research without breaking the bank. Happy reading!

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