Where To Download Music On Iphone For Free: The Ultimate Guide

Are you an iPhone user who loves music? If so, you're in luck! In this article, we'll explore various platforms you can download music on your iPhone for free. From streaming services to music download apps, we'll cover it all. So, let's dive in and discover the best ways to enjoy your favorite tunes on your iPhone without spending a dime!

Streaming Services

If you prefer to stream music instead of downloading it, there are several popular platforms available for iPhone users. These services allow you to access a vast library of songs and create personalized playlists. Here are some of the top streaming services for iPhone:

Platform Special Features Link
Spotify Discover Weekly playlists, personalized recommendations, offline listening Spotify
Apple Music Integration with Siri, exclusive releases, curated playlists Apple Music
Amazon Music Ad-free listening, access to Prime Music library, hands-free listening with Alexa Amazon Music
Tidal High-fidelity audio, exclusive content from artists, offline listening Tidal


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms worldwide. It offers a free version that allows you to listen to music with occasional ads. However, if you want to enjoy an ad-free experience and access advanced features like offline listening, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium.

With Spotify, you can create your own playlists, discover new music through personalized recommendations, and even follow your favorite artists. The platform also offers exclusive content and features like the Discover Weekly playlists, which curates a personalized playlist based on your listening habits.

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple's own streaming service, designed specifically for iPhone users. It seamlessly integrates with Siri, allowing you to control your music with voice commands. Apple Music also offers exclusive releases and curated playlists, making it a great choice for discovering new music.

With Apple Music, you can listen to music online or download it for offline listening. The platform offers a vast library of songs and albums, ensuring that you'll always find something to suit your taste.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is another popular streaming service that offers a wide selection of songs and albums. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy access to the Prime Music library, which features over two million songs. Amazon Music also offers an ad-free listening experience and hands-free listening with Alexa.

Whether you're looking for the latest hits or prefer to explore different genres, Amazon Music has you covered. You can create personalized playlists, follow your favorite artists, and even listen to podcasts on the platform.


If you're an audiophile who values high-quality audio, Tidal is the streaming service for you. Tidal offers a large collection of songs in lossless, high-fidelity audio format. The platform also provides exclusive content from artists and allows you to download music for offline listening.

Tidal's focus on audio quality makes it stand out from other streaming services. If you have a good pair of headphones or a high-quality audio system, you'll appreciate the difference in sound when listening to Tidal.

Music Download Apps

If you prefer to download music directly to your iPhone for offline listening, there are several apps available that allow you to do so. These apps provide a vast collection of songs that you can download and listen to without an internet connection. Here are some popular music download apps for iPhone:

Platform Special Features Link
Audiomack Unlimited downloads, offline listening, trending music charts Audiomack
SoundCloud Discover emerging artists, access to remixes and covers, personalized recommendations SoundCloud
iDownloader Download music from various sources, file management, built-in media player iDownloader
Music Downloader Download music from multiple platforms, built-in browser, easy-to-use interface Music Downloader


Audiomack is a popular music download app that offers unlimited downloads and offline listening. The app features a vast collection of songs from various genres, including hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music. You can explore trending music charts and discover new artists on Audiomack.

With Audiomack, you can create personalized playlists and follow your favorite artists. The app also offers a social aspect, allowing you to interact with other users and share your favorite tracks.


SoundCloud is a platform that allows artists to upload and share their music with the world. It has become a hub for emerging artists, making it a great place to discover new music. SoundCloud offers a free version with ads, but you can also upgrade to SoundCloud Go for an ad-free experience and offline listening.

With SoundCloud, you can access a vast library of remixes, covers, and original tracks. The platform also provides personalized recommendations based on your listening habits, ensuring that you'll always find something you love.


iDownloader is a versatile app that allows you to download music from various sources. You can use the built-in browser to search for and download songs directly to your iPhone. The app also features a file management system, allowing you to organize your downloaded music.

In addition to music, iDownloader also supports downloading videos and documents. The app has a built-in media player, so you can listen to your downloaded music without leaving the app.

Music Downloader

Music Downloader is a user-friendly app that enables you to download music from multiple platforms. You can use the built-in browser to search for songs and download them directly to your iPhone. The app also features an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to find and download your favorite tracks.

Music Downloader supports various file formats, allowing you to download music in the format that suits your needs. The app also provides fast download speeds, ensuring that you can enjoy your music without any interruptions.


Whether you prefer to stream music or download it for offline listening, there are plenty of options available for iPhone users. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal offer access to a vast library of songs and provide personalized recommendations. On the other hand, music download apps like Audiomack, SoundCloud, iDownloader, and Music Downloader allow you to download music directly to your iPhone for offline enjoyment.

So, go ahead and explore these platforms to find the best way to enjoy your favorite music on your iPhone for free. Happy listening!

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