Where To Download Scientific Papers For Free

Are you a researcher, student, or simply someone who loves to explore the world of science? If so, you probably know how important it is to have access to scientific papers. These papers are a valuable source of knowledge and information, but they can often come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, there are several platforms available you can download scientific papers for free. In this article, we will explore some of the best platforms that offer free access to scientific papers. So, let's dive in and start exploring!

1. ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a popular platform for scientists and researchers to share their work with the scientific community. It allows users to upload and download scientific papers for free. The platform boasts a large collection of papers across various disciplines, making it a great resource for researchers.

Special Features:

  • Collaborate with other researchers
  • Ask and answer questions related to your research
  • Discover new research in your field

Access ResearchGate here.

2. PubMed Central

PubMed Central is a digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. It is maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and provides free access to a vast collection of scientific papers. Whether you are interested in biology, medicine, or any other life sciences field, PubMed Central is a goldmine of information.

Special Features:

  • Advanced search options to find relevant papers
  • Access to full-text articles
  • Links to related resources

Access PubMed Central here.

3. arXiv

arXiv is a preprint server that allows researchers to share their work before it is peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals. It is widely used in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, and more. The platform offers free access to a vast collection of scientific papers, making it a valuable resource for researchers in these fields.

Special Features:

  • Wide range of research topics
  • Quick access to cutting-edge research
  • Ability to subscribe to specific research categories

Access arXiv here.

4. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub is a controversial platform that provides free access to millions of scientific articles. It bypasses paywalls and offers unrestricted access to papers that are otherwise behind a paywall. While some argue that Sci-Hub violates copyright laws, many researchers and students rely on it to access papers that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

Special Features:

  • Access to a vast collection of scientific papers
  • Bypasses paywalls
  • Ability to download papers for offline reading

Access Sci-Hub here.

5. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a widely used search engine for scholarly literature. While it doesn't directly provide free access to scientific papers, it is a great tool for finding papers that are freely available online. By using advanced search options and filters, you can narrow down your search to find papers that you can download for free.

Special Features:

  • Search across a wide range of disciplines
  • Access to both paid and free papers
  • Citation tracking and metrics

Access Google Scholar here.


Having access to scientific papers is crucial for researchers, students, and anyone interested in the world of science. While many papers come with a price tag, there are several platforms that offer free access to scientific papers. ResearchGate, PubMed Central, arXiv, Sci-Hub, and Google Scholar are just a few examples of these platforms. Each platform has its own unique features and benefits. Whether you are collaborating with other researchers, looking for cutting-edge research, or simply want to explore a specific topic, these platforms have got you covered. So, start downloading and exploring the fascinating world of scientific papers for free!

Platform Special Features Access
ResearchGate Collaborate with other researchers Link
PubMed Central Advanced search options Link
arXiv Wide range of research topics Link
Sci-Hub Bypasses paywalls Link
Google Scholar Search across a wide range of disciplines Link

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