Where To Host Node.js App For Free

If you're a developer working with Node.js, you know how important it is to have a reliable and affordable hosting solution for your applications. While there are many options available, finding a hosting platform that offers free services can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore some of the best platforms you can host your Node.js app for free.

1. Heroku

Heroku is a cloud-based platform that offers a free tier for hosting Node.js applications. It provides a simple and straightforward way to deploy your app with just a few commands. Heroku supports popular frameworks like Express.js and provides features like automatic scaling and easy integration with third-party services.

Platform Special Features Link
Heroku Automatic scaling, easy integration with third-party services https://www.heroku.com/

Heroku's free tier includes 550-1000 dyno hours per month, which should be sufficient for most small to medium-sized applications. Dyno hours represent the time your app spends running on Heroku's servers. If you exceed the free limit, you can easily scale up by upgrading to a paid plan.

2. Glitch

Glitch is a community-powered platform that allows you to host Node.js apps for free. It offers a unique and collaborative environment where you can build, test, and deploy your applications. Glitch provides features like real-time collaboration, automatic deployment, and a built-in code editor.

Platform Special Features Link
Glitch Real-time collaboration, automatic deployment, built-in code editor https://glitch.com/

With Glitch, you can easily remix and share other developers' projects, making it a great platform for learning and collaboration. It also provides services like a database and API endpoints, allowing you to build full-stack applications without any additional setup.

3. Now.sh

Now.sh, powered by Vercel, is a cloud platform that offers a free tier for hosting Node.js applications. It provides a seamless deployment experience with features like zero-configuration, automatic SSL, and instant global scaling. Now.sh supports popular frameworks like Next.js and Nuxt.js.

Platform Special Features Link
Now.sh Zero-configuration, automatic SSL, instant global scaling https://vercel.com/now

With Now.sh, you can deploy your app with a single command and instantly have it accessible from a global CDN. The free tier includes 100GB of bandwidth per month, which should be sufficient for most small to medium-sized applications. If you need more resources, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan.

4. Netlify

Netlify is a popular platform for hosting static websites, but it also supports hosting Node.js applications. It offers a free tier with features like continuous deployment, custom domains, and built-in form handling. Netlify is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a great choice for beginners.

Platform Special Features Link
Netlify Continuous deployment, custom domains, built-in form handling https://www.netlify.com/

With Netlify, you can connect your Node.js app to a Git repository and automatically deploy changes whenever you push new code. It also provides features like split testing and A/B testing, allowing you to optimize your application's performance and user experience.

5. Firebase

Firebase, owned by Google, is a comprehensive platform that offers a free tier for hosting Node.js applications. It provides features like real-time database, authentication, and cloud functions. Firebase is known for its scalability and reliability, making it suitable for both small and large applications.

Platform Special Features Link
Firebase Real-time database, authentication, cloud functions https://firebase.google.com/

With Firebase, you can easily integrate your Node.js app with other Firebase services like Firestore, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Messaging. It also provides a powerful and user-friendly console for managing your app's resources and monitoring its performance.


When it comes to hosting your Node.js app for free, there are several excellent options available. Platforms like Heroku, Glitch, Now.sh, Netlify, and Firebase offer a range of features and services that can help you deploy and manage your applications with ease. Whether you're a beginner looking for a simple solution or an experienced developer in need of scalability, these platforms have got you covered. So, go ahead and choose the one that best suits your needs and start hosting your Node.js app for free today!

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