Where To Learn Tagalog For Free

Are you interested in learning Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines? Whether you're planning a trip to the beautiful islands or simply want to expand your language skills, there are several resources available online to help you learn Tagalog for free. In this article, we will explore some of the best platforms and websites you can learn Tagalog at your own pace, from beginner to advanced levels. So, let's get started!

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform that offers courses in various languages, including Tagalog. It provides a gamified learning experience with interactive exercises, quizzes, and audio recordings to help you develop your listening, speaking, and reading skills. Duolingo is available as a website and mobile app, making it convenient to learn Tagalog on the go.


  • Interactive exercises and quizzes
  • Audio recordings by native speakers
  • Gamified learning experience
  • Available as a website and mobile app

Access Duolingo here

2. Memrise

Memrise is another popular language learning platform that offers free courses in Tagalog. It focuses on vocabulary building and uses spaced repetition techniques to help you memorize words and phrases effectively. Memrise also provides audio recordings by native speakers to improve your pronunciation skills.


  • Vocabulary building exercises
  • Spaced repetition techniques
  • Audio recordings by native speakers
  • Available as a website and mobile app

Access Memrise here

3. FSI Language Courses

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the United States Department of State offers free language courses for diplomats and government officials. These courses are now available to the public, including a comprehensive Tagalog course. The FSI courses provide detailed lessons, audio recordings, and supplementary materials to help you learn Tagalog from scratch.


  • Comprehensive lessons
  • Audio recordings
  • Supplementary materials
  • Self-paced learning

Access FSI Language Courses here

4. Live Lingua

Live Lingua is a non-profit organization that offers free language courses from around the world. They provide a variety of resources for learning Tagalog, including textbooks, audio recordings, and interactive exercises. Live Lingua also offers the option to learn Tagalog through Skype lessons with native speakers, although this service is not free.


  • Textbooks and audio recordings
  • Interactive exercises
  • Skype lessons with native speakers (paid)
  • Additional resources for cultural understanding

Access Live Lingua here

5. Learn Filipino

Learn Filipino is a website dedicated to teaching Tagalog to English speakers. It offers free lessons and resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Learn Filipino provides audio recordings, grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, and exercises to help you improve your Tagalog skills.


  • Free lessons for different proficiency levels
  • Audio recordings
  • Grammar explanations
  • Vocabulary lists and exercises

Access Learn Filipino here


Learning Tagalog for free is now easier than ever, thanks to the numerous online platforms and websites available. Whether you prefer a gamified learning experience like Duolingo, a vocabulary-focused approach like Memrise, or a comprehensive course like the FSI Language Courses, you can find the perfect resource to suit your learning style. Additionally, Live Lingua offers the option to learn Tagalog through Skype lessons with native speakers for a more personalized learning experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Tagalog learning journey today and immerse yourself in the rich culture and language of the Philippines!

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