Where To Watch Game Of Thrones For Free On Reddit

Are you a die-hard Game of Thrones fan who is looking for ways to watch the show for free? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you on Game of Thrones for free on Reddit, the popular online community platform. Get ready to immerse yourself in the epic fantasy world of Westeros!

Why Reddit?

Reddit is a treasure trove for Game of Thrones fans. It is a platform people from all over the world come together to discuss and share their love for the show. With its vast community and diverse range of subreddits, Reddit has become a go-to destination for fans seeking free access to Game of Thrones episodes.

How Does It Work?

On Reddit, users can create and join communities called subreddits. There are several subreddits dedicated to Game of Thrones, where fans share links to streaming sites, torrent files, and other sources to watch the show for free. These subreddits act as a hub for fans to find and access the latest episodes without having to pay for expensive subscriptions.

Top Game of Thrones Subreddits

Here are some of the top Game of Thrones subreddits where you can find free links to watch the show:

1. r/GoTLinks

This subreddit is dedicated to providing links to watch Game of Thrones episodes for free. It is constantly updated with new links, ensuring that fans always have access to the latest episodes. The community is active and helpful, making it a reliable source for streaming Game of Thrones.

2. r/Freefolk

The Freefolk subreddit is known for its no-nonsense approach to Game of Thrones. It is a place where fans can discuss and share spoilers, theories, and, of course, links to watch the show for free. The community is vibrant and passionate, making it a fun place to be for any Game of Thrones fan.

3. r/Piracy

Although not solely dedicated to Game of Thrones, the Piracy subreddit is a goldmine for finding links to free streaming sites, torrent files, and other sources to watch the show. The community is knowledgeable and well-informed, providing fans with reliable options to watch Game of Thrones without spending a dime.

Other Ways to Watch Game of Thrones for Free

While Reddit is a great platform to find free links to watch Game of Thrones, there are also other ways to enjoy the show without breaking the bank. Here are some alternatives:

1. Free Trials

Streaming services like HBO Now, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer free trials to new users. By signing up for these trials, you can watch Game of Thrones for free during the trial period. Just remember to cancel your subscription before the trial ends to avoid any charges.

2. Borrow from a Friend

If you have a friend or family member who already has a subscription to a streaming service that offers Game of Thrones, you can ask them to share their login credentials with you. This way, you can watch the show for free using their account.

3. Public Screenings

Check if there are any local venues or establishments in your area that host public screenings of Game of Thrones episodes. These screenings are usually free and provide a communal viewing experience for fans.

Comparison Table

Platform Special Features Link
HBO Now Official streaming platform for Game of Thrones hbonow.com
Hulu Offers a wide range of TV shows and movies hulu.com
Amazon Prime Video Access to exclusive content and other benefits amazon.com
Netflix Popular streaming service with a vast library netflix.com

Remember, while there are free options available, it is important to support the creators and the show by subscribing to official platforms or purchasing the DVD sets. Watching Game of Thrones for free on Reddit should be seen as a temporary solution for those who are unable to afford the official means.


Thanks to Reddit and its dedicated Game of Thrones subreddits, fans can watch their favorite show for free. Whether you choose to explore the subreddits or opt for other free alternatives, make sure to enjoy the epic journey of Game of Thrones responsibly. Winter is here, and so is the opportunity to watch Game of Thrones for free on Reddit!

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