Where To Watch House For Free: Your Ultimate Guide

If you're a fan of the hit medical drama series House, you're probably wondering you can watch it for free. Well, you're in luck! In this article, we'll explore different platforms where you can stream House without spending a penny. Get ready to binge-watch your favorite episodes and follow the brilliant but unconventional Dr. Gregory House on his medical adventures.

Streaming Platforms for House

When it comes to watching House for free, there are several platforms that offer this popular series. Here are some of the best options:

Platform Special Features Access
FOX – Full episodes available
– High-quality streaming
– No subscription required
Visit FOX
Amazon Prime Video – Access to House and other popular TV shows
– Free trial available
– Ad-free streaming
Visit Amazon Prime Video
Netflix – Exclusive streaming rights for House
– Multiple seasons available
– Offline viewing
Visit Netflix
Hulu – House available with subscription
– Huge library of TV shows and movies
– Live TV option
Visit Hulu


One of the best places to watch House for free is on the official FOX website. FOX offers full episodes of House without requiring a subscription. Simply visit their website, navigate to the House page, and start streaming your favorite episodes. The streaming quality is excellent, ensuring you don't miss any of the medical drama's intense moments.

Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch House for free on Amazon Prime Video. Not only will you have access to House, but you'll also be able to explore a vast library of other popular TV shows and movies. If you're not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial and enjoy House during that period. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video offers ad-free streaming, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the world of House.


Another platform where you can watch House for free is Netflix. With its exclusive streaming rights, Netflix offers multiple seasons of House for your binge-watching pleasure. You can enjoy the brilliant diagnostician's exploits anytime, anywhere, as Netflix allows for offline viewing. So, whether you're on a long flight or just want to watch House without an internet connection, Netflix has got you covered.


If you're a Hulu subscriber, you're in luck! House is available on Hulu's streaming platform. With a Hulu subscription, you not only gain access to House but also to a vast library of TV shows and movies. Hulu also offers a live TV option, allowing you to keep up with current episodes of your favorite series, including House. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive streaming platform that includes House, Hulu is a great choice.

Other Options to Watch House for Free

Aside from the streaming platforms mentioned above, there are a few other options to watch House for free. These include:


Tubi is a free streaming platform that offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies. Although it may not have all the seasons of House, Tubi provides a selection of episodes to keep you entertained. Simply create an account, search for House, and start watching. The best part? It's completely free!

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another free streaming service that offers a range of channels and on-demand content. While it may not have House available on-demand at all times, you can keep an eye on their schedule to catch episodes when they're being broadcasted. Pluto TV is an excellent option if you prefer the traditional TV experience.


Peacock is a streaming service that offers a free tier with limited content, including some episodes of House. While you may not have access to every season, Peacock provides a selection of episodes that you can watch without a subscription. If you want to explore more content, you can opt for Peacock's premium plans.


Now that you know House for free, you can dive into the captivating world of Dr. Gregory House and his team of medical experts. Whether you choose to stream it on FOX, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, or other platforms like Tubi, Pluto TV, or Peacock, you're in for a thrilling ride filled with medical mysteries and intense drama. So grab your popcorn, find a cozy spot, and get ready to enjoy House, the award-winning TV series that has captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide.

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